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DIY Bird’s Nest Helper

Spring is here! And that means that our bluebird friends are busy building a nest inside their nesting box and we thought we'd lend them a hand. This is such an easy DIY project and it is a perfect activity to do with children or grandchildren. Just minutes after hanging our own DIY Bird's Nest… Continue reading DIY Bird’s Nest Helper

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Sharing is Caring

Over the weekend, we found a lovely idea for a spring centerpiece and couldn't wait to share it with you. But remember that sharing is caring so would you return the favor by liking us on Facebook?  Before you watch the quick centerpiece how-to video at the bottom of this post, follow these simple steps… Continue reading Sharing is Caring

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Weekend Project: DIY Fabric Storage Box Tutorial

It's Saturday.  The weekend is here.  And this post is for the DIYers who can't wait for the weekend so they can start a new project!  We're right there with you and we're excited to share this super-easy project! If you are like us, you are always looking for storage boxes to use around the… Continue reading Weekend Project: DIY Fabric Storage Box Tutorial