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Top Five Things You’ll Love About Our New Website

Our Website is Live - www.classictasselsandmore.comOur new website has launched! This took weeks and weeks of decisions and phone calls and uploaded pictures, but we are thrilled with the results. We wanted a website that would serve you better, and I hope you’ll agree with us that it does just that. We’d love to introduce you to our new home on the internet. Here are five things which we think you’ll love about our new website:

It’s (more) mobile-friendly.

Although our old website was suitable for mobile viewers, our updated website is made for them. A responsive design that’s easy to navigate means those of you who prefer to shop with your cell phones or tablets will have a better experience.

It’s easy on the eyes.

We made a few changes to our color palettes and backgrounds in the hopes that it would be easier to read and pleasant to look at. The new look still carries the hallmark burgundy and green that you have come to know so well with our brand, but we think you’ll find them a bit muted and softer.

Our online store is easier to navigate.

Our product pictures and their respective collections are easier to view, giving you a quick glance at all we have to offer. Browse by collection or search by specific keyword to find the perfect gift or new adornment for your home.

Our Design Center is easier to view.

The first question many of our new customers ask is: “how do I hang my new tassel?” With our updated Design Center, you can easily browse our gallery for decorating ideas!

It’s simple, clean, and effective.

If you’re like us, when you spend time on the internet you want it to be simple and effective. Our new website is straightforward and intuitive, giving you the perfect opportunity to peruse the star of our website: our decorative tassels!

Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think! What do YOU like about our new website?

Visit our New Website -


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