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Three Color Palettes to Watch for 2018

Three Color Palettes to Watch for 2018 -

As you are contemplating your fall décor for 2017, the design world has already ramped up their favorite color picks for 2018. Spoiler alert: neutrals don’t move all the way to the back, but they definitely move to the second row. Or even the third.

We’ve watched the trickle effects of farmhouse style (thank you Joanna Gaines) as earthy tones and muted everything take over the vignettes in the corner display of your local Target. Homeowners have repainted their entire interiors with every shade of gray to keep up with the breath of calming fresh air streaming through design trends of late. If it sounds like I am writing a nostalgic ode to the neutral life…well, I sort of am. Because it’s all about to get an electric shock of intense pigmentation.

In 2018, you can expect neutrals to still hold their ground, and rightly so because your dining room will need a hefty dose of hazy brown to balance the vibrant fuchsia you’re about to see everywhere. But you can also expect spirited and vivid hues to make a grand re-entrance to the design scene.

Here are three color palettes you should keep an eye out for in 2018. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Color Predictions 2018 - 1 -
Energized fuchsias and bold blues, balanced with earthy neutrals.


Color Predictions 2018 - 2 -
Silicon blues, greens, and yellows tempered with warm grays.


Color Predictions 2018 - 3 - (1)
Muted neutrals will still shine when they are allowed to blend into one another in a color palette defined by harmony rather than contrast.

We’d love to hear from you? Do any of these color palettes strike your fancy?

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