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5 Ingenious Things You Can Do With a Potsticker

5 Ingenious Things You Can Do With a Potsticker - FI - www.classictasselsandmore.comWhat’s a potsticker?

We’re so glad you asked. In some circles a potsticker might refer to a yummy Chinese dumpling filled with pork. But at Classic Tassels and More, a potsticker has nothing to do with pork and everything to do with the perfect prop for your plants. But that’s not all!

Our potsticker collection is designed for the spaces in your home that need a pop of personality, but don’t necessarily offer an easy option for hanging one our decorative tassels. Our potstickers are exactly what you’re accustomed to getting with our tassels, except they have a stick on them instead of a hanging loop. They are meant to provide color and whimsical decoration for your indoor plants, but they can do so much more. Take a look at our collection below, and then read on for 5 ingenious ideas for using them in your home:

Classic Tassels and More 2017 Potsticker Showcase from Classic Tassels & More on Vimeo.

5 Ingenious Things You Can Do with a Potsticker


1 – Many indoor plants are mostly green with little color. Stick a potsticker in your plant to spice it up.

Orange Chested Bird Potsticker | $28.95 |
Orange Chested Bird Potsticker | $28.95

2 – If your plant perishes (sad, we know, but it happens to the best of us), just snap the stick off and feature the tassel in a favorite area of your home. We love tucking them into a tray next to a few other items to add texture and scale.

Brown Bird Sit-A-Bout |

3 – Stick them in your Christmas tree for a surprise pop in your holiday decor.

Cardinal Tassel in a Christmas Tree|classictasselsandmore.com4 – Tuck them in a floral arrangement to give to a friend as a unique and memorable keepsake after the flowers are gone. This is a particularly special way to offer a gift of bereavement.Bird Tassel in an Orchid Display|classictasselsandmore.com5 – Use a cloche to display it as a conversation piece along with a tasteful vignette.

Bird Tassel in a Cloche|classictasselsandmore.comHow do you display your potstickers? Send us your pictures on our facebook page and make sure to like us there for more decorating ideas!

5 Ingenious Things You Can Do With a Potsticker - Pinterest -






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