Christmas Charm

The Gift for All

Ribbons and scissors, paper and bows…as you wrap your final gifts for Christmas over the next few days, we want you to know that there is a very special gift waiting for you.

It can’t be folded into a box and sealed with tissue paper. It can’t be wrapped with the finest of gift wrap or even the newspaper you read this morning. It can’t be tucked under the back corner of the tree.

It has been lovingly prepared for you since the beginning of time. It is covered in forgiveness abounding with grace, sacrifice abounding with compassion, and suffering abounding with love. There is no gift wrap that could hold it as it’s a gift that can only be received by the heart.

The angel Gabriel called it good news. He promised it would bring great joy. Wrapped in swaddled cloths among the dirt and filth of a stable meant for animals, the infant Savior came into this world as a gift for all.

As you tie each ribbon around your gifts today, may you be reminded of the greatest gift this world has ever received. Wishing you a blessed Christmas grounded in the knowledge that the gift of Christ is meant for you.

Good News 2016 | Holy Family Tassel |

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