Christmas Charm

10 Christmas Tablescapes We Are Loving Right Now

Yesterday, we had our dishwasher replaced. It broke on Thanksgiving Day. (I know…the horror.) But thankfully, yesterday was the day for the new dishwasher to be installed. As the repairmen set to work on removing the old and installing the new, I set to work on designing my Christmas table.

I had set aside several hours for the repairmen to finish their job, expecting it to take quite a while. But they were in and out of my kitchen in less than 30 minutes flat. Needless to say, it took them less time to install a new dishwasher than it did for me to design my Christmas table.

Good design takes time. And inspiration! If you’re in need of the latter, here are ten Christmas tablescapes that we are loving right now. May your dishwasher be sturdy and your Christmas table be beautiful!

There is nothing spartan with this tartan design from Home is Where the Boat Is.
A delightfully rustic farmhouse tablescape from Lauren McBride Blog.
An update on the traditional tablescape by Hen House Linens.
We love the polka dots in this red, white, and gold design from Citrine Living.
All in white with this snowy tablescape from Life and Linda.
We are smitten with this green, white, and gold design featured on Bloglovin.
Who says Christmas has to stay red and green? We love this whimsical and colorful table from Far Above Rubies.
A Boxwood Christmas from Stone Gable Blog.
Black, gold, and bold from Bird’s Party.
Dining Room1-Classic Tassels Christmas Home Tour
And our personal favorite…traditional with a bit of fun from our very own Christmas Home Tour.

Now, what are you serving on your Christmas table? Check out these vintage Christmas menus to see if your menu features any of the same recipes.

Merry Christmas!


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