Christmas Charm

8 Ways to Decorate with Leftover Ornaments

At Classic Tassels and More, we believe in the no-fuss way to decorating. That’s why we design and handcraft custom, decorative tassels to adorn your home and make it easy for you to express your personal decor style.

Leftover Christmas Ball Ornaments |

We don’t think decorating has to be complicated, and Christmas decor is no different. So when we realized we had a large supply of leftover ball ornaments this year, we decided to see how many ways we could use them to decorate in a jiffy.

Here are eight ways we used these leftover ornaments to add a little extra pizazz around the house this December.

Decorating with Leftover Ornaments |
Use them to decorate a miniature Christmas tree.
Decorating with Leftover Ornaments |
Add large ball ornaments for a festive addition to your tablescape.
Decorating with Leftover Ornaments |
Display extra ornaments in a family heirloom, like this early 20th-century bread bowl.
Decorating with Leftover Ornaments |
Place your collection of ball ornaments in a large vase and adorn with ribbon for a quick and easy centerpiece.
Decorating with Leftover Ornaments |
Arrange ornaments on a large plate with a candle in the center.
Decorating with Leftover Ornaments |
These leftover ornaments help add a little pizazz to this simple garland.
Decorating with Leftover Ornaments |
Use leftover ornaments as unique giftwrap adornments.
Decorating with Leftover Ornaments |
Toss them in a bowl and place it in a corner in need of a pop of color.

What do you do with your leftover ornaments? Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we will be posting more ideas for decorating with leftover ornaments….and tassels!

Merry Christmas!

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