Christmas Charm

Our Top Ten Christmas Decor Posts

Pumpkins down and Christmas trees up. Whew! And there went fall…bring on the Christmas decor!

If you are suffering from a bit of holiday whiplash like us, today we are bringing you our top ten Christmas posts, guaranteed to get you in the mood for the holiday season. Like it or not, it’s upon us. And truth be told, we don’t like it…we love it!

Read on for our reader favorites from this time of the year:

5 Steps to a Guest-Ready Home for the Holidays |
While we believe that the gift of hospitality is truly that, a gift, we also believe that anyone can harness it. To help make the holiday season a little easier for you, we’ve got a few quick tips for getting your home guest-ready for the holidays.
Freezer-Friendly Recipes for the Holidays |
If you’d like to treat your guests to a nice breakfast that lies somewhere between a full farmer’s breakfast and pouring them a bowl of Cheerios, allow us to share with you our favorite freezer-friendly recipes for holiday hosting. Take a look at our list here, pick a your favorite, and bake it now before your guests arrive.
Favorite Christmas Traditions |
Because Christmas is also a time filled with traditions, we wanted to pause and remember our favorite ones that we celebrate with our family. Maybe we share these traditions with your family…maybe you’d like to start a new one…either way, take time this season to make a memory.
Christmas in the South |
The Southern Christmas is best defined by the values and memories held dear by all those who celebrate it by saying “Merry Christmas Y’all!” Although I suspect that many of those values and memories are shared with our friends far north of the Mason-Dixon line and as far west as the Gold Rush, there is something so very priceless to me about a Southern Christmas. Just thinking about all the ideas that encompass Christmas in the South makes me feel like I’ve come home. But that’s the point behind Southern style, isn’t it? Coming home.
Christmas Home Tour |
Classic home. Classic Style. And filled with Classic Tassels and More. Time to sit back, relax, and let us walk you through this beautiful Christmas home!
5 Christmas Decor Ideas for Small Spaces |
Whether you are trying to decorate your tiny house or just that tiny side table, we’ve got all the ideas you need. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to add the Christmas spirit to the smallest of spaces.
If You Read Just One Post on our Blog This Year, Read This |
There is really just one post from us every Christmas season that we want you to read and it is most definitely this one.
A December Mood Board:Elegant Red, Green, and Gold |
Our December Mood Board celebrates this simple holiday decorating trick: bring instant elegance to your decor with a touch of gold. Grab your gold ribbon and think elegant, classic, festive, and opulent.
A Culinary Look Back in Time: Vintage Christmas Menus |
Thanks to the efforts of a few sentimental folk like myself, I found several vintage menus that were as enchanting as my old box of photos. Perhaps your Christmas menu for this year includes Creamed Olympia Oysters or the ever-popular Parker House Roll. Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy this glimpse of the past as much as I did.
Countdown to Christmas Promo Twitter |
Inside our free Countdown to Christmas Planner you’ll find: checklists, baking, gift lists, a Christmas bucket list, baking and menu planners, and much more!


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