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A November Mood Board: Neutrals with a Hint of Fall

There is something about a neutral color palette that pleases my senses this time of the year.

I’m not sure if it is the awareness of all the red and green and glitter coming in just a few weeks or the growing to-do list running rampant in the back of my mind. But the simpler I can assemble my aesthetics around me, the better off things seem to be.

Gray, black, brown, and cream. Slate, ebony, hazel, and ivory. These are my colors of choice of late.

Even when I stand in the closet each morning, pairing tops and bottoms to gather a workable outfit for the day, I often choose grays mixed with browns. Neutral, it seems, is the path of least resistance for a month about to be filled with baking, shopping, and planning.

And so this month’s mood board is filled with neutral inspiration, with a hint of thanksgiving color delivered with a pop of orange here and there. Orange is just shades of brown showing off, anyway, so feast your eyes on this neutral mood board for November.

Mood Board - November 2016 | www.classictasselsandmore.com




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