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An Interview with Our Designer

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Recently, we sat down with our designer, Donna Richardson, to quiz her on some of her favorite things. We have a feeling that some of her favorite things might be some of your favorite things, too. Read on!

Favorite sources of InspirationJesus Calling, by Sarah Young

Favorite colors or color combinations: Shades of red, gray, and black

Favorite room in your home: Family room

Favorite quote: “A friend is one who understands what’s in the heart of you and stands for all your faults because they are a part of you.” (author unknown)

Favorite snack: Apple

Favorite project or collaboration: Seasonal decorating. I never do my house the same way from year to year.

Favorite book: Most recently read – Tied Up in Knots, by Andrea Tantaros

Favorite vacation destination: Aruba

Favorite things to do when you’re not working: Visit with friends, family, and shop

Favorite app or website: Google is my best friend.

Favorite city: Charleston, SC

Favorite vice or indulgence: Chocolate

Favorite restaurant: 1618, Greensboro, NC

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Curious about the inspiration behind all of our decorative tassels? You can read more about Donna here.

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