Fall Decor

New Fall Decor Tassels on the Website!

Well. Here is the current weather in Jamestown:

Jamestown Weather 7.28.16 | www.classictasselsandmore.com

This is before lunch. Before the afternoon. Before the real heat of the day. Suffice it to say, I am ready for the fall. I remember thinking just five months ago…will warmer weather EVER get here? I cannot handle the cold anymore. Hurry up spring and summer!!!

So. I will try not to complain too much about the heat this week. Except to say what I’m really thinking…will cooler weather EVER get here? I cannot handle the heat anymore. Hurry up fall!!!


I’m guessing that unless you are in St. Paul, Bismarck, Helena, or Seattle, your thoughts might agree with my thoughts today, because here’s our nation’s current temperature map:

US Weather 7.28.16 | www.classictasselsandmore.com

It’s been hot out there y’all.

So just to keep us from blowing our travel budgets and booking an immediate flight to the great northwest, today we bring you….our new fall tassels. These newly designed decorative tassels have been recently added to our website specifically to save you from a mid-day hot flash. Sit back and imagine how these delights are going to get your house ready for the fall in five minutes or less. These adorable fall decor tassels are just waiting to usher in that crisp air for you.

Oval Pumpkin Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Oval Pumpkin Tassel, $39.95
Squirrel Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Squirrel Tassel, $39.95
Small Pumpkin Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Small Pumpkin Tassel, $38.95
Scary Pumpkin Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Scary Pumpkin Tassel, $39.95
Black Cat a'top Pumpkin Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Black Cat a’top Pumpkin Tassel, $39.95
Black Cat Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Black Cat Tassel, $36.95
Witches Boot Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Witches Boot Tassel, $39.95
Cornucopia Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Cornucopia Tassel, $39.95
Acorn Barrel Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Acorn Barrel Tassel, $39.95

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed to the storage room to pull out my fall decor. If we put it out now, surely fall will be here soon. Right? Right????

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