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8 Uses for Decorative Tassels from our Nautical Collection

Calling all shell seekers, sea lovers, water and boat enthusiasts…find the perfect splash of color and character for your home with our Nautical Tassel collection. These beautifully handmade creations are sure to add a personal touch to your vacation home, preserve a memory, or serve as the perfect gift for your seaside enthusiast.

 Here are eight uses for decorative tassels from our nautical tassel collection:

Seahorse Tassels | www.classictasselsandmore.com
One: Decorate your summer getaway spot with one of our seahorse tassels. They are the perfect reminder to relax and take it easy.
Lilly Sailboat Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Two: Keep one of our nautical tassels on display at home to remind you of your family vacation by the seashore. Our Lilly Sailboat Tassel might be perfect.
Red and White Lighthouse Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Three: Do you have a favorite beach house that your family rents every summer? Give the owner a special thank-you with one of our custom nautical tassels. Would they like our Red and White Lighthouse Tassel the best? A sailboat tassel? A seahorse tassel? A shell tassel?
Sailboat Tassels | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Four: Gift one of our sailboat tassels to your favorite sailboat owner. They’ll love hanging our Lilly, Hope, or Faith Sailboat tassel below deck.
Seashell Tassels | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Five: Celebrate your love of seashells with our Blue and White Conch tassel or our Pearlized Conch tassel.
Black and White Lighthouse Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Six: Lovers of lighthouses will enjoy one of our lighthouse tassels, like this adorable Black and White Lighthouse tassel.
Lighthouse Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Seven: Dads will appreciate them also as a sweet expression of gratitude for their guiding light.
Blue and White Seahorse Tassel | www.classictasselsandmore.com
Eight: Seahorses are known for choosing one mate that they stay with their entire lives. They wrap their tails around each other so the tide doesn’t drift them apart. Our seahorse tassels, like this Blue and White Seahorse tassel, make the perfect wedding gift for newly engaged sweethearts.

Don’t miss this coastal-inspired collection from Classic Tassels and More today! See more of our nautical collection here.

Nautical Tassel Collection | www.classictasselsandmore.com

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