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Home Tour: The Indigo Tiny Home

Tiny houses. Maybe you’ve seen the buzz about them lately? Whether it’s from a desire to live more simply or perhaps a desire to have less to clean, tiny houses are quite popular these days. There was even a recent Tiny House Conference held this month in Asheville, NC, promoting tiny house plans, land options, and sustainable living solutions for those interested in the tiny house movement.

Whether you can get on board the tiny house train or not, we bet you are as intrigued by them as we are. Take a look at the Indigo tiny house below offered by Driftwood Homes USA. It’s actually a custom-built trailer, smaller than the size of a large master bedroom. Featuring shiplap walls, built-in storage, a convertible murphy bed, and custom kitchen cabinetry, this home can be yours for $74,500.

Now, where would we hang our first tassel….









*Photos courtesy of Tiny House Listings.

Leave a reply and tell us…could you live in a tiny house?

Home Tour: The Indigo Tiny Home|classictasselsandmore.com



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