Gift Ideas

The Perfect Gift Idea: New Decorative Tassels on Our Website

We added several new tassels to our website this week. Our decorative tassels are the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Take a look at what’s new!

Gifts for the Hostess

Large White Rooster Tassel|
Large White Rooster Tassel
Black and Cream Rooster Tassel|
Black and Cream Rooster Tassel

Gifts for the Horse Lover

Brown Mare Tassel|
Brown Mare Tassel
Gray Mare Tassel|
Gray Mare Tassel

Gifts for the Bird Watcher

Ceramic Red Cardinal Tassel|
Ceramic Red Cardinal Tassel
Hummingbird One Tassel|
Hummingbird One Tassel
Hummingbird Two Tassel|
Hummingbird Two Tassel
Hummingbird Three Tassel|
Hummingbird Three Tassel

Gifts for the Fairy Lover

Fairies One Tassel|
Fairies One Tassel
Fairies Two Tassel|
Fairies Two Tassel
Fairies Three Tassel|
Fairies Three Tassel

Gifts for the Charlotte’s Web Fan

Piglet Tassel|
Piglet Tassel
Pink Pig Tassel|
Pink Pig Tassel
White Spotted Pig Tassel|
White Spotted Pig Tassel

Gifts for the Lucky Irish

Leprechaun Tassel|
Leprechaun Tassel

Whew! We’ve been busy! Which new tassel is your favorite?

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