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Design Trends for Spring 2017: Think Blue, Bold, and Natural

Spring 2016 has just begun to make its appearance. But perhaps, like us, you like to be ahead of the curve. If you are wondering what new trends will be popping up this time next year, we’ve got you covered.

You can go ahead and replace that little black dress with a blue one: navy is the new black. And you can expect to feel nostalgic for most of the season – retro will be in.

Here are the top trends to be expected in home furnishings and fashion for Spring 2017:


Color Spring 2017|

  • Look for blues, everywhere and in every shade.
  • Black and white design will be popular, especially around Easter.
  • The bounty of blues will help to create cool palettes everywhere, but warm touches will still be present, especially in metallics.


Texture Spring 2017|


  • Look for accessories in gold or colored wire.
  • Keep an eye out for natural fabrics like cotton, felt and linen…they will soon be everywhere.
  • Woven baskets and wicker will make several appearances.


Themes Spring 2017|


  • Many holidays will have a retro flair.
  • With the abundance of blue, the seaside will be celebrated as nautical themes also welcome gold and black.
  • Bold, bright fabrics with large florals and prints will abound.


Stay tuned in here at Design Impressions for news on future color trends and forecasts!

Design Trends for Spring 2017|




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