DIY Bird’s Nest Helper

Spring is here! And that means that our bluebird friends are busy building a nest inside their nesting box and we thought we’d lend them a hand. This is such an easy DIY project and it is a perfect activity to do with children or grandchildren.

Just minutes after hanging our own DIY Bird’s Nest Helper, we saw a bluebird friend gathering some of the materials we stuffed in the helper. Unfortunately, he was too quick for us to snap a picture!

But we’ve got the easy step-by-step instructions here so you can make your own Bird’s Nest Helper!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

DIY Birds Nest Helper Materials|

Here’s what you will need:

  • an empty suet feeder (you can also use a plastic berry basket or a small, mesh bag)
  • scraps of fabric, yarn, ribbon, or string
  • cotton fiberfill, lint, or other soft material
  • small twigs
  • scissors

Things you don’t want to use: plastics, metals, or anything sharp as these items may injure the birds. One of our ribbon fragments was wire-trimmed so we just cut the wire edges out.

Step 2: Cut your materials into small pieces

DIY Birds Nest Helper Small Materials|

You’ll want to cut your materials into 1-3 inch pieces.

Step 3: Stuff your small materials into the suet feeder

DIY Birds Nest Helper Stuffing|

Step 4: Close the feeder and it’s ready to hang!

DIY Birds Nest Helper Ready|

Step 5: Find a place to hang your DIY Bird’s Nest Helper outside

DIY Birds Nest Helper Hang|

We hung our helper near our bluebird nesting box so it was easy to find for the birds.

Step 6: Watch for colorful nests in your yard!

DIY Bird's Nest Helper1102|

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