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Before and After: Using Patterns to Connect Three Pieces of Furniture

You’ve seen our kitchen renovation projects here and here, and perhaps you have seen a part of our living room update here. Today, we are sharing with you another change to our living room that made three different furniture pieces look like they were born for each other.

A Common Decorating Dilemma

We love the seating options we currently have in our living room. Our sofa, love seat, and side chair are comfy, cozy, and perfectly-sized for our space. The dilemma?

None of these seating pieces were bought together so their fabric colors and patterns didn’t complement one another as best as they could.

We had collected each of these pieces over the years and although we loved the feel of each of them, we wanted them to connect visually.

Among the three pieces: sofa, love seat, and side chair, we had two solids and a stripe.

The Solution

We needed a pattern!

But we didn’t want to completely overwhelm the space with the addition of a bold pattern. So, we decided to reupholster the smallest of the three pieces, our side chair.

For our new side chair fabric, we wanted a vibrant pattern that would help connect the solid blue from our love seat with the blue stripe from our sofa. We also needed it to subtly reflect the golds and reds from the adjoining kitchen.

We think this colorful, yet classic, diamond print perfectly ties everything together.

What do you think?


Chair1 (2)



Not sure about adding patterns to your existing decor? Check back with us later for our tips on using patterns well.

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