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Attract Bluebirds to Your Yard with This One Simple Tip

Last year, we received a bluebird nesting box as a gift and immediately hung it in a back yard tree, hoping to be graced with the presence of these beautiful birds. We watched for them every morning and evening, but sadly, no sign of their brilliant blue feathers was present. Until we made one little change…


Once more common than robins, the bluebird population has suffered over the past several decades due to competing species like the house sparrow. But, thankfully, we are slowly seeing a steady increase in our blue-feathered friends.


Like we do for all our bird friends, we have a supply of clean and fresh water available near our feeders. We also have several feeders in different sizes placed throughout our yard so there is food for all who want to visit.


But we didn’t see a bluebird friend until we made this one, simple change:

We added mealworms to our feed.

Apparently, bluebirds can’t resist them! Not long after we started adding mealworms to our seed mix, sure enough, we had several bluebird visitors.


I must confess that I was a little squeamish at first when dealing with the mealworms, especially when they accidentally spilled all over my back porch! But at least they are dried, and very easy to add to our generic bird seed mix. We buy this brand, which you can find online or at Wal-Mart. A 7-oz bag lasts us a few months when we ration it among our regular bird seed.


Bluebirds love to feast on fresh insects, but even the dried mealworms are delicious to our blue-feathered friends. They provide a high-protein snack for the birds, which is especially important when they look to build a nest and feed little ones.

Now, we see bluebirds all day long in our back yard! I think you will agree that any sighting of their brilliant blue is a joy to witness!

Breeding season is approaching and they are starting to make a home in the house we hung for them. Check back with us later to see our family project to help them build their nest!

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