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Vote for the Most Unique Home of 2015

If your evenings have looked like ours recently, you’ve taken a drive (or two or three!) to appreciate the Christmas decorations adorning nearby homes. The lights! The wreaths! The soft candles glowing in the windows and the cozy trees beckoning from inside! We are quite certain that there is not a virtual home tour on the planet that we could bring you this month that would come close to the Christmas twinkle you can find in your own neighborhood. So instead of a home tour for this month, we are bringing you three of the most unique homes from 2015, according to one of our favorite home search sites, Zillow.

Zlillow has already cast its vote, but we want to hear from our readers…which house below won as the most unique home for 2015? Was it the Mennonite chapel-turned-3-bedroom-home, the gingerbread house in Brooklyn, or the 1800’s sheep wagon? Comment on this post below to cast your vote and then click on each picture for more photos of these fascinating homes featured on Zillow.

Vote for the Most Unique Home of 2015-church|classictasselsandmore.com
The Mennonite Chapel: If stained-glass windows are your favorite, this renovated chapel will be too.


Vote for the Most Unique Home of 2015-gingerbread|classictasselsandmore.com
The Gingerbread House: Hansel and Gretel could live happily ever after here.


Vote for the Most Unique Home of 2015-wagon|classictasselsandmore.com
The 1800’s Sheep Wagon: We would have definitely signed up for the Oregon Trail if we could have called this home.

We already know the winner from Zillow, but what do you think…which one of these homes is the most unique?

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