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If You Read Just One Post on our Blog This Year, Read This One

There are fourteen more days until Christmas 2015! For us, this means a hustle of shipments to be made, dining room tables to be adorned, trim to be organized and inventoried, last-minute shopping to be done, finishing tassel touches to be added, and lots and lots of baked goods to be made. And although you’ll continue to receive notifications from us in your social media feeds and email inboxes, inviting you to share in our favorite Christmas traditions, or host a Southern Christmas,or bake our most delicious freezer-friendly recipes for your guests…there is really just one post from us that we want you to read and it is most definitely this one.


We believe that every year, every day, and every hour, you and and every person around you is in need of hope.

We believe that in a time for our country which seems to be filled with much fear and uncertainty, the voice of hope needs to ring louder than it ever has before.

We believe that in this month of December, the promise of hope should be felt deep within your heart; so much so that the compassion for humanity that exists within you already blossoms even greater with kindness and generosity and love for your fellow man.

We believe that in the next fourteen days, the gift of hope should be shared among your family, your friends, your neighbors, and to strangers you meet and make eye contact with each day.

We believe that in the moment that you open your eyes on Christmas morning, the knowledge of hope can settle very firmly into the reality that it was brought to us all with the precious gift of a newborn baby resting peacefully in a manger.

We believe that until the day that our Savior comes again, the hope of His return shall spur us into spreading His peace and love to all those around us, for this Christmas season and beyond.

Regardless of how many tassels we make, how many Christmas trees you decorate, how many pies you bake, or how many presents you wrap, we believe that the real and true reason for this season is to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and to solidly know that with His birth comes hope for everyone in this world.

Wishing His hope upon each of you for the next fourteen days and always.

If You Read Just One Post on our Blog This Year, Read This|


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