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There are 84 Days Until Christmas. Are You Ready?

Oh my, friends. I just looked at my countdown calendar in my phone to see that there are 84 days until Christmas. That’s 12 Mondays. Just under 3 months. Oh my, indeed.

We’d love to say that those numbers don’t elicit a small (or large!) panic response, but we’ve been a little preoccupied lately with another project and haven’t had time to plan ahead for the holidays just yet. We’ve been busy helping to get YOU ready for Christmas!

Recently added to the website is our new Christmas tassel collection. In this collection, you’ll find some of the classic favorites, as well as a few new whimsical styles, beautiful angel tassels, and custom tassels perfect for every decor. Our Christmas collections tend to sell quickly, so take a look here and mark your favorites now.

Also, it’s just 30 days until Halloween, so don’t miss out on this spooky tassels:

Witches Boot Tassel|classictasselsandmore.com

Pumpkin Head Tassel|classictasselsandmore.com

Cat Pumpkin Duo Tassel|classictasselsandmore.com

Ghost Tassel|classictasselsandmore.com

Tis Near Halloween|Black Cat Tassel|classictasselsandmore.com

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