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Bringing the Art Gallery Look Into Your Home

Picasso. van Gogh. Monet. Manet. Warhol. Matisse. Degas. Rockwell. Klimt. Klee. Gauguin.

Whether or not you recognize the names of these famous artists, their styles, or the historical time period in which they lived, you probably have some level of appreciation for the visual arts. Whether your appreciation bends towards the classics, the abstracts, or your favorite dinosaur painting by your favorite five-year old, I do believe that all of us are drawn to one style of visual expression or another. And the ones that draw us in the deepest stay with us forever.

For example, the painting below, “The Garden Parasol” by Frederick Carl Frieseke, was the first to capture my heart at the tender age of nine. I saw it during a school field trip to the NC Museum of Art and could not pull my eyes away from it. I was mesmerized by the impressionist technique that from up close seemed like a jumble of beautiful colors simply spattered together, but from far away captured the occurrence of two gentle friends having tea in the loveliest of gardens. What book was she reading, I wondered, and what kind of tea were they having?

I was so smitten with the painting then that I didn’t notice that my fourth-grade class had long-since moved along on the museum tour without me and I eventually had to be reunited with my hyperventilating teacher (my apologies, Ms. Lamb) by a kind and patient museum volunteer.

The Garden Parasol

And so, I suppose it is this memory that led me to one day purchase a large print of this painting and endeavor to create an art gallery display of my own. However, my first attempts at assembling an in-home gallery fell short of the warm feelings evoked during that first museum tour years ago. This was my first home and I had a large wall designated for my gallery and it was woefully empty. How many paintings should I hang in addition to my beloved Parasol? How should I design their layout? Should they be hung in even and neat rows or remain free-spirited and organically arranged?

These and so many other questions arose during the process and at the time, there were little resources to call upon for help. Which is why we are sharing these tips today from Mary Carol at Nell Hill’s Blog on “How to Create Knockout Artwork Displays.”

Whatever style of visual artwork you are trying to display, these tips will equip you with the know-how to do it perfectly.

Click here to read Mary Carol’s tips for creating your own art gallery at home.

Bringing the Art Gallery Home with Classic Tassels and More

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