We Love Dad! 9 Things Every Man Cave Needs

If you come here often, you’re likely to read things like this and this. And you’ll probably see a whole lot of this. At Classic Tassels and More, we love color, texture, gracious hospitality, and the celebration of all things Southern and feminine.

But Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday so we’re switching gears a bit this week. Whether you are celebrating your father, your grandfather, your uncle, or your husband, we think it’s time to shed a little light on his part of the home. No, we’re not talking about the grill on the back deck and we’re definitely not talking about any part of the home adorned with the latest design of floral wallpaper.

(But if you just installed it, would you take a pic and send it to us? We love floral anything.)

We’re talking about the cave. The Man Cave.

Man Cave

Whether your man cave is the storage shed out back, the corner section of the garage, or a fully-decked basement below, we think every man cave should be stocked with the essentials of masculine leisure. And in our humble opinion, here they are:


A comfy couch. Preferably over-sized, in a dark color, with an option to recline, and a nearby remote control connected to an entertainment device with access to every available sports channel.

Big Screen TV

Said entertainment device should be large. Perhaps not as large as the one shown here, but it should be close in size.


A mini-fridge to hold his favorite snacks and beverages. Bonus: hide your secret chocolate stash from the kiddos here.

Pool Table

If you don’t have space for a pool table, opt for Foosball or perhaps a dart board.


Space to enjoy his favorite hobby.

Carolina Panthers

Posters from his favorite college and professional sports teams, because he knows they will not be hung anywhere else in the house, right?


Really more for your sanity than his, a manly storage container will help keep all his gadgets and equipment under control.


A photo celebrating all the generations of men in his family. These dear friends of ours all share the same name; they are the III, IV, and V.

Father's Day Tassels

Last but not least, we think our Howling Woof, Texas Deer, and Mallard Tassels are the perfect way to add a woman’s touch to his masculine space;)

Happy Father’s Day!

Don’t forget this quick and free idea if you are still in need of a last-minute gift!

Man Cave Cover

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