Color Inspiration

5 Reasons To Love Blue and Green Together

I have always been drawn to all things in any shade of blue or green. Perhaps it is because green was my grandmother’s favorite color. Perhaps because I savor the moments around water of any kind. Put the two colors together and I am smitten. Always have been and always will be.

As it turns out, there are psychological reasons why so many of us are drawn to both blue and green. Psychologically speaking or not, we think pairing blue and green together creates the ultimate color combination and here’s why:

Forget Me Not

It evokes a sense of calm. Blue is known to be calming and green is known to be relaxing. In our busy culture, they are the power couple of the color world.

Blue Green Feather

They are often found in nature together, so we think this color combination is handpicked by God.

Blue and Green Fabric

Together they are classic, timeless, and fashionable…everything we think a color palette should be.


In addition to making us feel calm and relaxed, blue makes us feel cooler while green reminds us to take a deep breath.

Blue and Green necklaces

Blue and green work well with all colors of wood, metal, materials, and finishes, making them ideal colors for any room in your home.

That’s just five simple reasons to love blue and green and we bet you’ve already taken a deep breath:)

Blue and Green: A Celebration of Calm with Classic Tassels and More


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