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Bird Watching Around the Web

It’s Saturday and we hope you’ve got a little time this morning to savor a quiet moment. Maybe you’ll see something that inspires you. Maybe you’ll see something that makes you smile. Maybe you’ll simply enjoy a few minutes to yourself to dream. Grab your coffee, but keep your slippers on. It’s time for a little bird watching around the web.


We’re thinking of painting our front door a new color this fall, but we’re not sure what color to choose. Maybe this will help.

American Home

Next month we will celebrate America’s birthday. Here are 12 Signs You Live in an All-American Home.

Home Decor

Visit one of our favorite bloggers, The Nester, for these fail-proof tips on how to decorate any room, starting right now.

Summer Wedding

We’re headed to our first summer wedding of the season later today and we needed this advice. Maybe you will too.


We’d like to say merci beaucoup to Mary Carol Garrity at Nell Hill’s for these lessons from Provence.

Bird Watching

Happy weekend to all and enjoy your bird watching!


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