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Design Trends for Spring 2016 are Vibrant and Free

There are still 234 days remaining in 2015, but it’s never too late to plan ahead. We’ve got the scoop on upcoming design trends and we have five words for Spring 2016: Alive. Spirited. Glorious. Gleaming. Yet surprisingly…Earthy.

Pull out your brightest pillows and your bronzed baskets. While you’re at it, go ahead and choose a show-stopping hat for Mother’s Day brunch next year.  Here are the top trends in home furnishings for Spring 2016:


Color Spring 2016


  • Look for bright colors…think vibrant and cheerful
  • Browns will be popular, especially metallics
  • Greens will still be strong, and in every hue imaginable




  • Plastic and acrylic surfaces will be extra shiny
  • Keep an eye out for galvanized metals…they will soon be everywhere
  • Looped metal and pitted surfaces will make several appearances




  • Easter will have a Southwestern flair
  • Valentine’s Day will have a youthful resurgence
  • Mother’s Day…it will be grand


Stay tuned in here at Design Impressions for news on future color trends and forecasts!

Design Trends for Spring 2016|



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