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Where to Start When You Need to Start Over

Whether we are ready for it or not, the Easter holiday is upon us.  This Sunday, families and friends will gather to celebrate one of our favorite holidays.  For those in the Christian church, the Easter weekend marks an opportunity to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection, His triumph over death, and the infinite love poured down on us all from God.  For others, it is a time of renewal, the return of pastels, and a celebration of all things Spring.

Spring brings life into the world

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon moving winter clothes out of my closet and organizing fresh outfits with bright colors and lightweight fabrics.  I always dread this task because it means more time spent in my laundry room, washing and folding and storing clothes for next season. But as I was moving the old out and inviting the new in, it occurred to me that this pattern was exactly what I needed. I’m not just talking about starting over with a cute, springy wardrobe – although we do all need that, right?  Please tell me yes;)

I’m talking about a fresh start in our perspective, a fresh start in our priorities, or a fresh start in our relationships. Regardless of your reasons for celebrating this Easter weekend, we invite you consider those things that might need a fresh start in your life.  And while we know it can be overwhelming to think about starting over with anything, our advice is to start small.  Begin with the details and let the details carry you to the next step.

It could be something as simple as reorganizing your closet.  And maybe working on those small details in your closet might carry you to refreshing your laundry room…which might carry you to calling your Mom to thank her for all the clothes she carefully washed and folded for you all those years…which might carry you to reconnect with your Aunt that you haven’t seen in a while…which would bring the joy and laughter of memories and hugs and a plan to organize a much-needed family reunion. All this from simply organizing your closet.

Start small.  Begin with the details.  And let the hope of each moment carry you into the next.  Before you know it, your fresh start may be right in front of your face.

I once knew a teacher that counseled a high school sophomore who was failing all but one of his classes around the middle of the second semester.  The student needed a fresh start, but was discouraged, overwhelmed, and ready to give up and drop out.  The teacher asked the student one simple question: “Over the course of three days, God had the power and love to send His son to the cross to die for our sins, resurrect Him from death, and ascend Him into heaven to reign forever over all the Earth.  He defeated death.  What makes you think He could not do the same with your grades, with your college admissions course, and with your future?”

I won’t take up more of your time with the rest of this story, but know that it ends well:)

Is there something in your life that needs a fresh start?  I promise you, this is the season and the time for it.  Start small.  Begin with the details.  And rejoice in the hope that is coming this very weekend.

Easter Cross

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