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5 Easy Steps to a Springtime Patio

Sweet little birdie chirps woke me this morning with songs of Spring.  I’ve got my Shamrock Tassel hanging in the foyer.  I left my winter gloves in the bottom of my purse all day.  And I’m itching with the desire to be outside and soak up the glorious rebirth of the coming season.

If you’re ready to be outside but you’re outdoor living spaces are in need of a little TLC, we’ve got five easy steps to make your winter patio into a springtime delight in no time at all.  Read on…


Take a few minutes to sweep the floors, clean your outdoor cushions, and dust off the furniture and corners of your outdoor living spaces.  It’s amazing how much dust and dirt can accumulate outside over the winter.  If this step is all you do, this will make a biggest difference in getting your patio ready for spring.


Add a few evergreen plants.  This will soften the edges of your space and help transition the eyes from an outdoor living space to the great outdoors.


Add color with fresh flowers, either in a vase or with a potted plant.  This is a small step that makes a large impact, especially when you are expecting guests.


Mix in a few springtime pillows.  You don’t have to change all of your pillows here, just add one or two pillows with a springtime graphic or a light, springy color.


Don’t forget your lighting!  Consider adding a new lamp to soften the evening glow, add a few candles for a natural effect, or even string a few strands of twinkle lights along the ceiling.

If you follow these steps to making your outdoor living space ready for Spring, chances are good that you (and your guests!) will want to spend a lot of time in your fresh, new space.

Happy Spring!

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