Happy Thanksgiving from Classic Tassels and More!

Our alarm went off before the sunrise this morning and our turkey is roasting in the oven. Our bread dough is rising in the warmest corner of the house (the laundry room, of course!).  Our pies are hidden from little hands ready to swipe a finger through the whipped cream on top.  And our coffee pot is already empty this morning, but our hearts are full with gratitude.

Grateful for the smiling faces we will see when we our front door opens again and again today.

Grateful for the warm scents coming from the kitchen and filling our home with comfort and love.

Grateful for the pitter-patter of feet we will hear throughout the house today.

Grateful for the laughter that will peel from around our dining room table.

Grateful for the chance to sit down with family and friends before the holiday season is fully upon us.

Grateful for the hands we will hold when we bow our heads and say grace for all the many blessings our Lord has given us.

We are especially thankful for you today!  Classic Tassels and More wishes each of you a warm and happy Thanksgiving!  Blessings to you as you share this thankful day with your family and friends.

Thankful People



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