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Meet the Designer

Meet the Designer for Classic Tassels and More

Because this is our heavy travel season, the team at Classic Tassels and More has been busy over the past few weeks.  We are at the Holly Day Fair in Fayetteville through this weekend and we have one more show this month at the Christmas Carousel in Raleigh.  We hope to see you at one of these events, but in the meantime, we wanted to introduce you to the designer who is responsible for all of our lovely tassels.

Donna was born and raised in Charlotte, NC.  Inspired by her Junior High Home Economics teacher, she majored in Home Economics at Winthrop University (then Winthrop College).  She had extensive studies in textiles, foods, and nutrition, and interior design.  Hands-on experience with color, architecture, food preparation, and design led her to a career as a research home economist, a nutritional educator, and finally as a consultant to the Southern Living Magazine Cooking School for over twenty years.  With Southern Living, she traveled the south orchestrating cooking schools, sharing entertaining ideas, gardening tips, recipes, nutritional tips, tablescapes, and DIY ideas.  She helped make the pages of the Southern Living magazine come alive by sharing her love of entertaining, decorating, and gracious living.

Donna is a southerner at heart.  Raised in a home where entertaining was a way of life, the gift of hospitality was instilled in her at an early age. High school and college jobs were in the fields of decorating, home decor, and high-end gifts so an appreciation for beautiful things came natural to her.  It is that love of hospitality, entertaining, and designing that inspires Donna with Classic Tassels and More now. She greatly enjoys working with her hands, developing the design for each tassel from start to finish, finding the perfect materials, and producing the final product. She can often be heard saying that each tassel design is a part of her and it gives her great joy when she helps a customer find that perfect one.

Married to her high school sweetheart, Donna enjoys spending time with her family and cheering for NC State when she is not creating new tassel designs.  She loves that her work with Classic Tassels and More brings the enjoyment of beautiful accents to others and encourages personality and whimsy in every day.

Even though we are busy with our travel season right now, we are gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ve got some wonderful ideas for entertaining through the holiday season coming your way so stay tuned!


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