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Q&A with Classic Tassels and More!

Happy Friday everyone!  We hope your homes are looking more and more like fall as we get ready for the weekend.

Clearly, we love tassels around here.  They are cute.  They are fancy.  They are whimsical.  They help us decorate in five minutes or less.

But our design team also gets a lot of questions about decorating your home in general, particularly for the spaces or events that may be challenging.  We have fielded questions like….

  • What do I do with the lone column in my dining room?
  • How should I use the nook at the top of the stairs?
  • What are the top trending colors for this season?
  • What about organizing the kids’ toys without it looking like a daycare?
  • Can you give me tips for hosting Thanksgiving dinner?

These questions are part of the reason why we started this blog.  Keeping a home doesn’t have to stressful (in fact, we think its rather enjoyable) and we love sharing our ideas to offer a little inspiration.

But we want to hear from you, so we are very excited to launch a new series here: Q&A with Classic Tassels and More!  We’ve got over thirty years of experience in interior design, color coordination, entertaining, DIY, hospitality, and gracious living.  So we’ve got answers to your questions!

Got a question about decorating your home?  Choosing colors? Entertaining with style?  How to…?  Send us your question and we’ll answer it for you!

You’ve got two easy ways to send us your question:

  1. Comment on this post below under “Leave a Reply.”
  2. Send us an email at

Our design team will review and answer your question right back here on the blog.

We can’t wait to hear from you so send us your questions today!

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