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Rave Red or Fireweed? A Tool for Choosing Paint Color

If you are like us, choosing a paint color can be a daunting task.

Picture this: you think you’d like to paint your dining room in a nice shade of red.  It’s bold.  It’s dramatic.  It inspires a healthy appetite.  Great!  Fewer leftovers means happy family members and less time cleaning your Tupperware. Now that’s a win-win.

Next step: you head to your local home improvement store and peruse the paint chip aisle to gather a few samples.  You might even bring home a few sample pints of paint that you carefully brush on your dining room wall after dinner.  You watch that wall over the next few days to see how the sample colors change in natural and artificial lights.  Maybe you compare the colors on the wall with your china, your Christmas tablecloth, and the upholstery in your dining room chairs.  All good steps to take, but something still doesn’t feel quite right.

The sample paint colors looked fine in the store, but when you brought them home, they just didn’t really speak to you.  We think that’s because you’ve started at the wrong end of the paint process.

When choosing paint colors, instead of starting with the paint chip samples, we like to start with an image that inspires.  Perhaps a picture of your favorite sunset?  Or a picture of your garden in its full glory.  Or maybe a picture of your favorite fabric that you found on pinterest.

Enter the Chip-It! tool by Sherwin-Williams.  This  tool allows you to upload a favorite image to the Chip-It! site.  Then a paint palette inspired by your image will be automatically generated.  You can then save the resulting palette for your next project.

We think this is a wonderful way to bring color into your home that is inspired by….you!

We played around with the Chip-It! site and here are a few of our favorite color palettes this week:

Grey Owl ChipCard
Large Owl RD Tassel – How about a Grizzle Gray, with a little Fireweed and Lauren’s Surprise?


Sunflower Tassel ChipCard
Sunflower Tassel – Black Bean, Sundance, and Copper Mountain? Yes, please.
Blue Sky Rooster ChipCard
Blue Sky Rooster Tassel – Not sure about the Begonia in this one, but we like a little Secret Garden, Rave Red, and Nankeen.
Christmas Apple Tassel ChipCard
Christmas Apple Tassel – A little pop of Jetstream with Stamped Concrete, Concerto, and Shagreen? I think so.

Not only is this a creative tool to help bring your own personal style into your home, but its an easy way to find a few accent colors to perfectly match your decor.

Want to try it out yourself?  Head on over to the Chip-It! by Sherwin-Williams site today!

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