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How do I display my new tassel?


You have just chosen a beautifully handcrafted item for your home that perfectly matches the walls in your dining room.  You know it has a braided cord, which must be meant for hanging.  You know you have the perfect place to display your new signature item….but where?

One of the most common questions we hear from our customers is: “How do I display my new tassel?!?”  We are here to help!

Here are a few quick ideas to help you find the ideal spot in your home to showcase your new tassel:

  1. To jazz up a simple table lamp, hang your tassel underneath the shade on the turn switch.
  2. Hang your tassel around the neck of a large decanter for instant class.
  3. Accent a display plate by hanging the cord around the top of the plate stand, letting your tassel hang over the front of plate.
  4. Bring character to your wine collection by hanging a tassel from one of your favorite bottles.
  5. Add effortless charm to a china cabinet by hanging your tassel from the doorknobs.

Our tassels are the perfect finishing feature to any piece of furniture or décor item in your home.  Browse through our Design Center here for a little inspiration today and stay tuned for a new feature on more display ideas coming soon!


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