Summer Decor

The Reminder of the Seahorse


“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.” – Kate Chopin.

It’s 8:30am and there is a wonderful smell of salt in the air.  I can’t hear my phone ring over the sound of the waves and I just enjoyed the most delicious blueberry pancakes and bacon.  My family and I are at the beach this week and after a late night of board games and popcorn, I am enjoying a very large cup of coffee on the porch.  Thankful that I have a few quiet minutes to myself as the kids are playing in the pool with their favorite uncle, I think through the rest of the day and what I may or may not accomplish.  Today’s vacation agenda features a morning swim at the pool, an afternoon on the beach, and a blessed naptime to follow.  While the kids are napping, I plan to head into town with my sister to do a little shopping for the beach house.

Every summer, I add a special trinket or treasure here and there to spark a memory from our summer vacation.  Over the years, I have collected all manner of summer décor, but my favorite pieces are the items that have a specific memory attached to them – like the summer that we found a baby seahorse on the shore.  The wee seahorse fit in the palm of my son’s hand and it was quite a find.  If you watch a video of a seahorse in his natural habitat, you will understand why he has long been considered a symbol of patience and contentment.  Seahorses are happy to amble along the seas wherever the current might take them, seemingly in no particular hurry to arrive anywhere at all.

I am especially enamored with the seahorse.  He serves as a reminder to slow down, to enjoy the quiet pace of summer, and to relish the journey more than the destination.  In a culture of to-do lists, email inboxes, appointments, and deadlines, the reminder of the seahorse is one that I hope to cherish the most.

This is why you will find a seahorse in every room of our family beach house.  He is on a pillow, in a painting, and on the coffee mug that I am drinking from this morning.  And this year, he will be hanging from a lamp on a tassel from Classic Tassels and More.  The only decision left to ponder for this moment is which color seahorse to choose – the green, the coral, or the aqua seahorse?  Or perhaps the blue and white seahorse found in our nautical collection?

Our seahorse tassels are a perfect reminder to relax and take the scenic route.  Find your reminder here and enjoy the journey.

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