Christmas Charm

The Magic of Christmas

Santa Face Tassel
Throughout the month of November, one of our Classic Tassels and More families created a little bit of magic for their seven-year-old son.  Dinovember is what they called it.  Each night, as their son slept, they staged his toy dinosaurs doing mischievous acts throughout the house.  They broke into a box of cheerios and made a mess in the kitchen.  They played a hockey game: meat-eaters versus the veggie-saurs.  They threw him a birthday bash with confetti and cupcakes.  They re-enacted the first Thanksgiving meal with the pilgrims and the Indians.  They had art and drawing time, story time, and a math lesson.  They even did the dishes.  On the last night of November, they posed in a nativity scene, ushering in the Christmas season before they hibernated until next November.
Each morning, their son would wake up in awe and wonder at what trouble the dinosaurs had gotten into over the night.  Throughout the day, he would search for dinosaurs prints all over the house.  The most wonderful thing about all of this is that he believed.  He didn’t question that the fact that the dinosaurs were just toys, because to him they weren’t.  They were real, they were his, and they were magical.
As he was discussing the mystery of the dinosaurs with his mother, he asked if they could put out reindeer food (oatmeal and red glitter) again and bake cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.  Somewhere in his little mind, he connected the magic of Dinovember, with the magic of Christmas.  The magic of a benevolent gift-giver throughout a season of sparkling lights, warm hugs, hot chocolate, and reindeer pajamas.  The magic of that which is not seen or even understood.  The magic of the most wonderful gift of all from a  baby boy born in a humble manger.
At Classic Tassels and More, we hope that we can all embrace an innocent and trusting faith as easily as the children around us do.  We hope that we can hold close the wonder this time of the year brings and savor the precious moments given to us each day.  May you and your family be richly blessed with the magic of Christmas this holiday season.


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