Christmas Charm

Stocking Stuffers Made Easy

Christmas Boot
Beyond the early wake-up call from the kids, the monkey bread in the oven, the very large cup of coffee, and the wide eyes looking at all that Santa has brought, my favorite part of Christmas morning is opening our stockings.  My family has a stocking tradition.  We fill them to the brim with oranges, apples, grapefruit, and bananas.  Any fruit left in the house on Christmas Eve will find its way into our stockings by Christmas morning.
But in the bottom of the stocking, in the toe, in that part that you have to reach way down with your fingertips…there lies something very special.  It’s not fruit.  It’s not candy.  And it’s definitely not a lump of coal.
At the bottom of our stockings lies a cherished gift.  Sometimes it is the most prized gift given all of the morning.  There is something magical about digging through a heap of fruit to find that wrapped treasure in the bottom of the stocking.  And the look on their faces when they find it is priceless.
If you are looking for a special stocking stuffer, Classic Tassels has the perfect gift.  From the wild kingdom to whimsical, we can stuff your stocking with just the right present to brighten any Christmas morning.  And you will still have room for lots of fruit!

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