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The Tassel Trend

Tassel Booth Setup
We’re wondering if you have noticed…..that tassels are everywhere these days.  And we don’t just mean in the shows and events that we visit throughout the year.  We  mean everywhere.  They are popping up in all manner of home decor elements.
The tassel has been found as far back as Biblical times on prayer shawls for those wanting to remember their relationship with God.  It has served as a symbol of prestige, military ranking, and academic regalia.  Five centuries ago, French artisans perfected the craft of ornamental tassel-making and the simple beauty of this craft still exists today to exude personal style into hearts and homes.  Most recently, we are seeing quite a surge in tassel popularity among current home decor styles.  Going far beyond the classic curtain pull, we have found them gracing pieces of jewelry, handbags, shoes, and clothing.  We have even seen them designed into lamp bases and pieces of furniture, and sewn into eye-catching pillows and fabrics.
Want to catch the trend?
Click here and take a look at our line of tassels to find one that fits your personal style.  Or better yet, find one that matches your best friend’s personal style and you can check her off the list!
Our tassels are handcrafted and not mass-produced, which means that each one is specially made with precision and care.  We think you’ll find one with your name on it and we are positive you won’t regret catching the tassel trend!

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