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2013’s Top Design Colors


Blues, grays and greens named as 2013 design colors. When looking to update or accent your home, turn to the wonderful shades of these go-to colors.

Blue….. navy, turquoise, peacock, teal, cobalt, blue-gray, pale blue and robin’s egg blue….the colors of the sea and sky when paired with other colors are the perfect accent or coordinate.  Why blue….it is beautiful, deep, calming, elegant and whimsical.

Gray, the second most popular color is considered the new “neutral”.  A color that is timeless, calming and current.  The many shades of gray will reflect your mood adding harmony to your color pallet.

Green…chartreuse, emerald, avocado, mint, moss, pea and sea foam….natures wonder!  The hues of the outdoors that bring a pop of color inside.  Why green….it is bright, vibrant, clean, fresh, and calming.

No matter what your decorating style, cozy, eclectic, traditional, or modern, select the shades of colors that reflect your personal style.

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