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Fighting The Fight

There is not a person around who has not been touched by cancer. Watching a loved one or a friend fight the disease is difficult, emotional and challenging.

These past weeks, I have been walking the fight alongside my husband. They say if a man has to have cancer, prostate is the one to have as it is slow-growing. Personally, NO cancer is the one to have!!

Perhaps the most difficult part of a cancer diagnosis is determining the treatment to use to eradicate the “pest”. With our situation, multiple consultations, extensive research and prayer led us to Hampton University Proton Institute,  Right now there are only eight facilities offering this type of radiation treatment. There are several more centers on the horizon. Prostate cancer is only one type of cancer treated at Hampton. Treatment of brain, lung and soon breast are offered. Hampton is an amazing place. The doctors and staff are fabulous. Bill’s treatments are going well with virtually no side affects or physical changes.

It pays to do your homework, weigh your options, and talk with survivors. New treatment possibilities are discovered regularly. Go the extra mile to improve your quality of life.

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