Featured Tassels

The Magnolia Tassel

Travel through a Southern neighborhood and you are bound to pass one or more magnolia trees. They are the perfect shade tree for the front yard. An ornamental tree that can adjust to many different soils and climates. The growing conditions affect the leaf length and the height which the tree will grow. Throughout history, the magnolia has been harvested for timber to make furniture. A treasure loved in the south, the magnolia tree provides shade, privacy and an intoxicating scent. The marvelous scent comes from the large white, beautiful flowers that bloom from late spring to early autumn. A clipping of the bloom and greenery makes the perfect accent and decoration when floated in a shallow bowl of water. Use them as a centerpiece on your dining table, mantel or coffee table.

The magnolia tassel from Classic Tassels and More, http://www.classictasselsandmore.com is a lasting permanent way to beautify your home. One of the oldest and most popular flowers, lasting joy to behold! The elegant magnolia flower is regarded in some cultures as a symbol of purity and nobility. Showcase this tassel in any room of your home and add a bit of beauty and charm sure to please.

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