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Gratifying Start-up

The past two weeks have been very exciting and gratifying. We appreciate all of you who have visited Your comments have been very positive and we are glad you like the beautiful handcrafted tassels.

With the fall season surrounding us now, it is time to get out those decorations and decorate your home. Adding beautiful accents to your already existing decor can change the mood of a room creating warmth and excitement. Our spotlight this month, the pumpkin, can carry your fall theme on through Thanksgiving. The rich colors of golden-yellow, orange, lipstick red and brown bring the changing leaf colors into your home. This is truly one of my favorite times of the year, crisp cool mornings yet the afternoons still have that Indian summer touch.

Be sure to order your pumpkins soon so you can enjoy them for the rest of the season.  Tassels make wonderful gifts and we will be happy to ship directly to your friends and family.

Have you registered on our Contact Us tab on the website? Please do as we will be keeping our fans posted on new items, events, shopping trips and design tips.

Thanks you again for your support and please share our site,, with your friends and family. Feel free to add us to your Facebook. We have just added Facebook to our postings.

1 thought on “Gratifying Start-up”

  1. Beautiful website and product! Just wanted to say how much my daughter and I have enjoyed our tassels. They are beautifully crafted and provide the perfect, no-fuss accessory for every season of the year. An elegant and very special touch for any room in the house!


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